Fo' shozzle my nozzle (bouncy_penguin) wrote,
Fo' shozzle my nozzle

Progress report

A month ago I had this crazy idea about getting my shit together and achieving some things with my life.

So how's that going?

I'm not going to lie to you Marge, the first week sucked. Or I sucked in it. There was me, and a week, and some sucking, I forget the precise arrangement. It wasn't a great start, is my point.

Then I introduced this new thing called Operation TTWBWSGPFAC.

This stands for Treat This Writing Business With Some Goddamn Professionalism For A Change. So I have been. Nearly every weekday since January 19th I've been getting up at 6:00am to be creative for an hour before my day really gets started.

Some of you who've known me a long time may need to read that sentence over a couple more times.

I've never been a morning person. And I'm still not. In fact, this experiment has made emphatically clear just how much of a morning person I'm not. But in some ways that's helpful. I know, for instance, that if I've dragged myself out of my comfy warm bed to stumble blearily across the room and stare at a blank page at a quarter past ridiculous in the morning, there had better be a fucking good reason I'm there.

So I make sure there is. By writing lots of words. Specifically, so far I have:

1) finished a short story I'd started in December but stalled on, which now stands at around 11,000 words,

D) written another complete short story based on a one-line description I'd jotted down a couple of years ago, standing at 7,000-ish words,

%) started and mostly finished another short story, which comes in at 1,500 words and doesn't really go anywhere,

69) nearly completed a redraft of the 11k story, which has tightened up a lot of the writing and usefully slashed some chunks of tedious exposition from the middle,

XYZZY) and re-read most of my ~25%-finished novel to remind myself what it's about and prepare to work on that some more once I'm done with this round of shortfic.

I'm going to go ahead and call that a successful month's work, especially given that it all pretty much happened in three weeks.

In the next month, I'm hoping to:

A) complete a second draft of at least the first two of the above-mentioned short stories,

G6) submit something to a paying short fiction market,

KTHX) try not to let my head explode over the fact that my brother is turning 21,

5318008) and spend at least a couple of mornings adding to the first draft of the novel.

That sounds like enough, I think.

So. How have you been?
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