Fo' shozzle my nozzle (bouncy_penguin) wrote,
Fo' shozzle my nozzle

Progress report


Shit, it's been another month. I'm a sixth of the way through this bollocks. By the time Kurt Cobain was my age, he'd shot himself a fortnight ago.

So. I've slowed down a bit from a very successful launch. Things I have achieved in the past four weeks include:

1) I have forgotten how to write a book.

2) I am onto the third draft of my ~11k short story, which is still going to need some serious trimming but is shaping up into something potentially not all that sucktastic.

3) I've redrafted the other short story, attempted to rewrite the ending so that maybe something actually happens in it, but not really got very far with this latter point.

4) I seriously don't seem to remember anything about how to write a book. It feels like I have most of the story down, but I have to find another 50,000 words of plot and it's just not there.

5) And I have successfully procrastinated from solving the above-mentioned amnesia by, among other things, pointing a camera at my face and talking some words into it. Yeah, I'm on YouTube. Talking about religion n stuff. I've done two so far, and I'll try to embed them below the cut so you can avoid them if you'd find that more fun.

Well then. See you next month.
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