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Life in the Funny Lane

Fo' shozzle my nozzle
11 January 1984
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I'm Nozzer, among other things. Until recently, I studied maths at University. Now I'm not sure what I do. I've written a number of articles for a few websites, often regarding religion and philosophy. I'm an agnostic atheist. I also write fiction, though much less often than I should. I'm interested in people. Among numerous unofficial titles bestowed upon me by friends is that of "cinema whore", because I do spend a lot of time at the cinema. To watch films. Nothing else. It's just a metaphor. I also listen to a wide range of music, and read a whole lot of books, mostly fantasy and comedy stuff. I like chocolate, in most forms. I learnt piano for about a decade, but I've forgotten most of it now. I don't drink. Another title I seem to have earned is "grammar nazi". Apostrophes aren't that hard to understand, dammit. I can do some card tricks, but not well enough to be particularly impressive. I was in Mensa, but I think my membership expired just recently. I will fight you if you refuse to accept that zero point nine recurring equals one. I drink tea.

I've no idea whether penguins bounce, or what relevance this phrase might have to anything. Just something I came up with.
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