Fo' shozzle my nozzle (bouncy_penguin) wrote,
Fo' shozzle my nozzle

Of merriment and good cheer

Today, I am perfect.

Short of some spectacular advances in technology, this is the last year I'll be able to say that.

Yesterday, I was a cube. That won't be true again until I'm Paul McCartney.

In a year, I'll be in my prime again. The last time that was true, I was living on my own in Bromley.

As regular readers will be aware, this convoluted load of nonsense is how I traditionally announce that it's my birthday. I'm 28 today.

Last year, instead of New Year's Resolutions, I compiled a list of things I wanted to get done while I was still 27. It almost amounts to the same thing, with my birthday being so early in the year, and it seemed like a good age at which to achieve things.

There were two things on my list. I managed neither of them.

In fairness, I did get justifiably distracted by one particular side-quest.



I think I'm entitled to shunt my other priorities back a little to make room for stuff like falling in love and getting engaged.

So, apart from continuing to be awesome, the things I aim to achieve this time while I'm 28 years old are:

1. I'm going to finish a novel. Writing and redrafting, start to finish, to a state where it could start being sent out to publishers, or at least to beta-readers. I've got several part-completed projects which could satisfy this one; at the moment my delayed NaNoWriMo project is at 31,000 words and coming along nicely. So, it's looking tentatively promising.

And, alongside my efforts at completing a lengthy magnum opus:

2. I'm going to sell some writing. A novel, some short fic, a drabble, an article for a magazine specialising in snarky geekdom, whatever - someone is going to pay me moneys for some words I done wrote.

I've already written stuff which may possibly qualify here. But this is going to involve familiarising myself more with paying markets and the actual professional side of writering, beyond the simple bit of sitting down and typing words. ("Simple" in that, logistically, I understand how it's supposed to work. The physical processes are relatively uncomplicated. This is not the same as "easy".)

As an afterthought, I suppose I should tack on the secondary aim of getting a job at some point. But pfft, details.

So, that's me. Happy birthday/un-birthday (delete as appropriate) to you. I'm off to eat more cake.
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